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Two awards for European Reliance Group of Companies in the “Hrima Business Awards 2020”

European Reliance Group of Companies received two awards in the “Hrima Business Awards 2020”.

European Reliance General Insurance Co. S.A., the parent company of the Group, received the first prize in the category “Best Small and Medium Capitalized Company 2020”. It consists the reward of the Company for its high figures and positive course in the Stock Market and high returns for the Investors.

Additionally, one of the subsidiaries of the Group, European Reliance Asset Management, received the third prize in the category “Best Mutual Funds Management Company 2020”, crowing a very successful fiscal year for the Company, rewarding its investment strategy and philosophy.

“Hrima Business Awards” were organized by HRIMA magazine for 18th consecutive year, in cooperation with ethosEVENTS and the financial and business portal, highlight and reward the businesses that support the Greek economy, contribute to the growth of the stock-index and are acknowledged by the business and investment community as an established institution that annually evaluates the listed companies of the Athens Stock Exchange. The listed companies are annually evaluated by the investors, the readers of HRIMA magazine and the visitors of

European Reliance Group of Companies will stand as a model for the business operations, offering qualitative services to the Greek society and further strengthening its commitment towards the development of the economy and the best possible future for the country.

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Το χρηματιστήριο αποτελεί ατομική επενδυτική προοπτική με υψηλό ρίσκο και κίνδυνο και καλό είναι να παίρνει κανείς τις αποφάσεις του μόνος ή με βάση τη
συμβουλή του προσωπικού του επενδυτικού συμβούλου.

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