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Thursday, April 22, 2021

JUMBO:The health crisis has stood in the way of growth

 With the outbreak of the health crisis, all the countries where the JUMBO Group operates took measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 affecting in this way the performance of the Group.

The turnover during the financial year 2020, for the JUMBO Group, amounted to EUR 694,03 million, reduced by -18,15% compared to the corresponding year 01.01.2019-31.12.2019, which was EUR 847.94 million.

  • In Greece, Jumbo stores as well as other commercial stores remained closed during the two major and critical periods, Easter and Christmas 2020. During periods when the stores were allowed to operate, in order to avoid overcrowding, there was a provision for a certain number of visitors per square meter within the company's stores.
  • As a result, the net sales of the parent company - excluding intercompany transactions - decreased by approximately -30% y-o-y.
  • In Cyprus, all stores remained closed from mid-March to early May 2020, missing, in this way, the Easter holiday season. The confinement measures imposed on the citizens in combination with the administrative decisions for the closure of stores that operated in shopping centers or in areas with high epidemiological burden affected the sales in 2020 which declined by approximately -13% y-o-y.
  • In Bulgaria, the confinement measures for the citizens for two months (from March to May 2020) as well as the decisions for the closure of stores operating in shopping centers resulted in a decrease in sales during the year 2020 by approximately -10 %.
  • Similar restrictions in Romania did not reverse the growth potential and sales increased by approximately + 13%.

During 2020, Group’s gross profit, reached at EUR 359,40 million recording a decrease of -19,02% (compared to EUR 443.79 million in 2019).

The gross margin for the Jumbo Group stood at 51,78% in 2020 from 52,34% in 2019.

In this difficult year, the restraint of operating costs contributed significantly to the performance. Consolidated Net Profits after tax stood at EUR 138,67 million compared to EUR 177,62 million in 2019, reduced by -21,93 % y-o-y.

Purchase Strategy

The Group in 2020 adjusted its purchase strategy taking into account the period of inactivity and partial operation of the stores.
As a result, on the last day of December 2020, cash and cash equivalents and other current financial assets amounted to EUR 665,15 million from EUR 636.99 million on 31.12.2019.

Dividend Policy
The management of the company remains faithful to its policy of distributing dividends every year without missing a single year.
Thus, during 2020, taking into account the special circumstances, the management of the company prepaid the dividend for the year 2020, a total amount of 0,615 EUR/ share in the form of extraordinary cash distribution, rewarding its shareholders who demonstrate their trust in the Group.
Management intends to announce, at the upcoming Ordinary General Meeting that is expected to take place at the beginning of June, an extraordinary cash distribution equal to the dividend for the 12-month fiscal year 2018/2019, i.e. a gross amount of 0,47 EUR/ share. The intention is the cash distribution to be paid immediately after a three-month period of uninterrupted and smooth operation of the stores.

Store roll-out

At the end of the corporate year, on December 31, 2020, the JUMBO Group numbered 80 stores.

From which:
• 52 are in Greece,
• 5 in Cyprus,
• 9 in Bulgaria, and
• 14 in Romania.

The Group operates the online store in Greece and Cyprus.

Furthermore, the Group, through collaborations, has presence, through 28 stores operating under the JUMBO brand, in six countries (Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Montenegro).

Due to long delays in obtaining authorizations for the related works due to the pandemic, it is estimated that a new store in Greece (approximately 9.000 sq.m.) will be added to the store network until December 2021.
There will also be a new privately owned store (approximately 12.500 sq.m.) in Craiova, Romania, while the same complex will house warehouses and services for the Romanian e - jumbo department (approximately 33.000 sq.m.).

AS COMPANY: Press Release – Announcement Financial Results for the period 01.01.2020- 31.12.2020



Sunday, April 18, 2021

Dropbox to Announce First Quarter 2021 Earnings Results

 Apr 15, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apr. 15, 2021-- Dropbox, Inc. (NASDAQ: DBX) announced today that it will report financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2021 after market close on Thursday, May 6, 2021. The company will also hold a conference call on the same day at 2:00 PM PT / 5:00 PM ET to discuss its financial results with the investment community.

The conference call can be accessed by dialing (877) 300-7844 from the United States or (786) 815-8440 internationally with reference to the company name and conference title, and a live webcast and replay of the conference call can be accessed from the Dropbox investor relations website at Following the completion of the call, a telephonic replay will be available through 11:59 PM ET on May 13, 2021 at (855) 859-2056 from the United States or (404) 537-3406 internationally with recording access code 6093433.

About Dropbox

Dropbox is one place to keep life organized and keep work moving. With more than 700 million registered users across 180 countries, we’re on a mission to design a more enlightened way of working. Dropbox is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information on our mission and products, visit



Source: Dropbox, Inc.

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Saturday, April 17, 2021

This Week's Stock Market Winners (04/17/2021)

Terna Energy :5.26%

Mytilineos: 4,48%

As Company: 4,48%

Σχόλιο για τους Έλληνες επισκέπτες μας:

Υπεραπόδοση του Ελληνικού χρηματιστηρίου αυτή την εβδομάδα έναντι των αμερικανικών μετοχών και των μετοχών του Χονγκ Κονγκ που παρακολουθούμε. Στις 3 πρώτες θέσεις ελληνικές μετοχές. Έχουμε αναλύσει τα οικονομικά αποτελέσματα του ΜΥΤΙΛ. Mytilineos: 4,48%

Ικανοποιητικά τα αποτελέσματα του ΑΔΜΗΕ όπως ανακοινώθηκαν.

Δυνατά οικονομικά αποτελέσματα για την Ευρωπαϊκή πίστη και νέο υψηλό ιστορικά μέρισμα.

Έντονος ο ανταγωνισμός στις ασφάλειες, κάτι που μπορεί να το διαπιστώσει κανείς συγκρίνοντας τις τιμές ανάμεσα στις διάφορες εταιρείες.

Το ίδιο φυσικά ισχύει για το ρεύμα. 

Στην έκδοση νέου ομολογιακού δανείου 500 εκατομμυρίων ευρώ θα προχωρήσει η Μυτιληναίος, που θα αφορά την πράσινη ενέργεια. 





High Dividend Stocks (USA)


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Friday, April 16, 2021

MYTILINEOS S.A. Proposed offering of €500 million Senior Notes due 2026

 Proposed offering of €500 million Senior Notes due 2026

MYTILINEOS S.A. (TICKER: MYTIL) (the “Company”), a leading global industrial and energy company rated BB-/BB (S/F) has mandated BNP Paribas, Citigroup, and HSBC as Global Coordinators and Joint Bookrunners to arrange on its behalf a series of virtual fixed income investor meetings in Europe commencing 19th April, 2021. An offering of €500 million green senior unsecured notes (the “Notes”) with a 5.5-year tenor (NCL) will follow (the “Offering”), subject to market conditions. There can be no assurance that the Offering will be effected or that it will be in the aforementioned size or completed.  The Company intends to use the net proceeds from the Notes to (i) to repay certain existing indebtedness, (ii) for general corporate purposes, and (iii) to pay fees and expenses in connection with the Offering. An amount equivalent to the net proceeds from the Notes will be used to finance or refinance, in whole or in part, Eligible Green Projects (including other related and supporting expenditures) in accordance with the Company’s Green Bond Framework. The Notes will be distributed in Regulation S format. An electronic Netroadshow presentation will be made available.

BAIC Motor Corporation Limited (H.K. 1958) DIVIDEND

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

European Reliance:2020 Financial Results - Strong Growth and Strong Profitability

2020 was another successful year for European Reliance Group of Companies in an operational level and all financial figures presented positive variances. 

The Management of the Group presented the significant growth in all 2020 financial figures in a live Press Conference through an on-line platform.

More specifically, in 2020, European Reliance Group of Companies accomplished:

  • 10.6% pre-tax profit increase, at € 24.8 mil., versus € 22.4 mil. in 2019.
  • 5.1% Increase of the Group’s total income at € 236.8 mil.
  • 5.1% increase of gross written premiums and related income at € 223.3 mil., versus € 212.4 mil. in 2019, with the Life Insurance Sector presenting the highest increase (13.5%). It is worth noting that also the other three insurance sectors kept similar growth course in 2020.
  • 5.6% Total Assets increase at € 511.9 mil. versus € 484.6 mil. in 2019. 
  • 8.7% Total Equity increase at € 153.6 mil. versus € 141.2 mil. as of 31/12/2019.
  • Strengthening of the Solvency Ratio by 10.6 percentage points at 174.6%, further increasing the Company’s credibility and ensuring the future of thousands of insured.
  • Investment portfolio increase at € 412.5 mil., versus € 382.1 mil. in the end of 2019.
  • 3.4% insurance provisions increase at € 312.9 mil., versus € 302.6 mil. in the previous year.

Based on the total insurance premiums, the Group owns 5.7% of the insurance market share, which has doubled over the past ten years and presents high liquidity ratio, a fact that allows zero lending, significantly free reserves and direct payment of claims to the customers.

In the Press Conference, the Management, except for the 2020 financial results of the Group, announced the decision of the Board of Directors to propose to the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of European Reliance General Insurance Co. S.A. on 27/04/2021, the distribution of dividend, estimated at € 0.30 per share, after excluding all Own Shares which the company holds. The Management also presented the Group’s objectives and growth prospects for fiscal year 2020.

The interested parties may find further information on the Group’s figures, the Annual Financial Statements and the Solvency and Financial Condition Report (SFCR) at the Company’s website, in the section Investor Relations. The Annual Financial Statements and the Solvency and Financial Condition Report (SFCR) will be available in English in due course.

The financial and technical analycies presented on this website have not been performed by an Investment Services Company, nor have they been compiled by a certified analyst . It is simply a display and presentation of public data of Greek and foreign shares with informative and entertaining character.




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