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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

AS COMPANY:Announcement for the Share Capital Increase via capitalization of previous years’ profits

Announcement of the Societe Anonyme with the title “AS COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL TOY AND COMPUTER COMPANY S.A.” and the distinctive title “AS COMPANY S.A.”
 regarding the share capital increase via capitalization of previous years’ profits treated as dividend distribution AS COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL TOY AND COMPUTER COMPANY S.A. following its announcement dated 05 February 2021 regarding the increase of the share capital of the Company by the amount of € 2,944,475.43, with a capitalization of profits of previous years of a total amount of 3,099,447.82€, and 5% tax being withheld, therefore, deducted from this amount in accordance with the provisions of article 24 of law 4646/2019, informs the investing public that the above corporate transaction, according to POL.1042/2015 is equated with a distribution of a net dividend amounting to 0.2243235520 per share, i.e. gross amount of 0.2361300547 €.

To this end, it will proceed within the legal deadline to repay the withholding tax of 5%. For natural or legal persons, who held the shareholder status at February 9, 2021 (date of change of the share’s nominal price – Record Date) and are not subject to the above withholding tax of 5%, the Company shall make a payment of an amount equal to the tax withheld on their behalf, starting on 26.02.2021. Payment will be made via the Bank "Eurobank S.A." as follows: 1. Through the operators of the shareholders in S.A.T., (banks, custodians and stock exchange companies), in accordance with point of the ASE Regulation and 39 of the S.A.T 's Rules of Procedure, for those shareholders who have authorized their operators to collect the return of capital 2. By deposit at the International Bank Account Number (IBAN), in which the investor has stated that he/she wishes to receive the distributed amounts in accordance with Article 13 of the S.A.T. Regulation as it stands, for investors who do not wish to receive them through their operators. This only concerns investors who have declared their IBAN to the paying bank "Eurobank S.A." 3. Through the network of the Eurobank S.A, branches, for those of the shareholders that have requested an exemption from their operator to the SAT or have withdrawn their authorization to their operator or have submitted their shares in the Special Share Account, with the disclosure to the K.A.M.E. (Code Number of the Investment Account, S.A.T.) and the demonstration of their ID, either in person or via a legally authorized representative in any of the premises of the paying Bank (in this case the relevant authorization documents with a certificate of validity of the signature of the beneficiary shall be presented). Payment of the repayable amount through the Bank "Eurobank S.A." will be possible for one month from the start of the payment. After the period of one month from the date of the payment’s commencement, the withholding tax of 5% will be paid only at the company's offices at Oreokastron, Thessaloniki, Ionia St. (tel.2310572000). For further information, the Messrs. and Mmes. shareholders may address the Shareholder’s Service Department of the Company (tel. 2310 572000) on working days from 10:00 to 16:00. In addition, the contact details of the "Eurobank S.A." Bank are the following: Domestic Markets Custody Operations Division, Corporate Actions, Iolkou 8 and Filikis Etaireias, TK 14234 N. Ionia, contact numbers 210-35.22.085 and 210- 35.22.284. Oreokastron, 24 February 2021 Corporate Announcement Department

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