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Wednesday, August 9, 2023


NLCP: Take a look... by StockBlog on

What starts out nice, often ends in pain. NLCP stock owns and leases medical cannabis facilities. It started out crazy, but now it might be worth watching. It is in an industry with a future, but as you know, it is not worth giving a lot of money for the future, as it was in 2021, when it was listed on the stock market.

At the moment, however, her sizes look good. It has two million loans and 450 million in cash. It has a dividend yield of 12% paying 83% of its earnings in dividends, a P/E of 12 and a P/BV of 0.6. It trades five times its sales, but reasonable for a development company.

It is a relatively high-risk option with several possibilities of reversal if the figures improve in the future and the forecasts are verified. Now that much of the joy is deflating, it might be time to capitalize on the regret of the shareholders who bought at 32!

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