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Thursday, March 2, 2023

The technology revolution ChatGPT is here

The man who brought the revolution with computers 50 years ago and founder of Microsoft hastened to calm the anxieties of employees, stressing that ChatGPT is not yet a danger to our "bread" but OpenAI's chatbot will change the world.

"Until now, artificial intelligence could read and write, but it couldn't understand the content," the billionaire emphasized in a podcast to Germany's Handelsblatt. “ChatGPT,” he pointed out, “has shown us what artificial intelligence is capable of and its impact on the workplace will be extremely positive.

He even added that while AI still makes big mistakes, it could make office work easier by improving worker efficiency and productivity. “We have a tool that can make work even more efficient - from going through invoices to writing letters. Reading and writing are now within the capabilities of A.I. (Artificial intelligence ss: Artificial Intelligence) and this will have a very broad and constructive impact", he estimated.

"Think of the time doctors spend with the bureaucratic issues that we should be able to get rid of," he said, but admitted that he was "biased" in favor of A.I. At the same time, he predicted that A.I. will continue to cause "trembles" in workplaces especially since technology will rapidly evolve over time. "The progress in the next two years will be even greater," he found.

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