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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Increase of the financial figures and number of employees in Q1 2021

European Reliance presented high pre-tax profitability at € 3.5 mil. in Q1 2021, comparing to € 1.6 mil. in Q1 2020.

More specifically:

The gross written premiums and related income presented 0.5% increase and amount to € 52.5 mil., vs. € 52.2 mil. in Q1 2020.
The Insurance Profit presented 33.4% increase and amounted to € 7.7 mil., comparing to € 5.8 mil. in Q1 2020.
The Total Equity presented 1.0% increase and amount to € 155.6 mil., vs. € 154.0 mil. in 2020.

The Solvency Capital Requirement strengthened by 4.2 percentage points and amounted to 178.81%, vs. 174.61% on 31/12/2020.
The Investment Portfolio amounted to € 414.9 mil., vs. € 412.5 mil. on 31/12/2020, presenting 0.6% increase.

The Mathematical Reserves and Technical Provisions amounted to € 318.4 mil., vs. 312.9 mil., on 31/12/2020, presenting 1.8% increase.

The Human Resources of the Company increased by 7 people, with total number of 446 employees, vs. 439 employees on 31/12/2020.

It is worth noting, that according to the figures of January – April 2021, the Gross Written Premiums presented 2.1% increase, comparing to the respective four months period
of 2020 and the operating expenses present slight decrease comparing to the aforementioned period of 2020.

The interested parties may read further information, in the Section Investor Relations.


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