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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

European Reliance:On-line Concert for the Sales Network and the Human Resources of the Company

European Reliance organized a very innovative for the Insurance Sector concept, an on-line interactive concert for the Sales Network and the In-house Personnel.

The Company invited the famous Greek artists, Michalis Hatzigiannis and Melina Aslanidou, who performed exclusively for European Reliance and its personnel from a special studio, adjusted to the colors of the Company in an event held on March 26, at 21:00. The Marketing and the Sales Network Support Director, Mr. George Gkotzageorgis, and the Commercial Director of the Company, Ms. Vassiliki Roussi, welcomed both artists.

The concert lasted more than 2 hours and both artists performed their greatest hits, entertaining the personnel who enjoyed the show from their tv, computers, tablets or cellphones. The event was quite festive with mass participation of over 3,000 employees from all over Greece, who shared more than 600 messages in the on-line chat of the platform.

The event took place via the on-line platform LiveOn and was organized and coordinated by the Marketing and Public Relations Division of the Company in cooperation with Ethos Media.

In the end of the concert, the Marketing and Sales Network Support Director of European Reliance General Insurance Co. S.A., Mr. George Gkotzageorgis, stated: “It was a night that we all needed, considering the difficult times that we have been through, due to the pandemic. The intention of the Company is to create the right conditions, where the personnel can have a good time, even via remote participation. European Reliance will continue to stand with actions and in any way by the side of its Insurance Agents and Employees.”

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